Summer Film Festival on Rathausplatz 2023 Vienna Austria

Friends, today I won’t post anything more from the Danube for you. Not that you should think I don’t have anything to share; that’s not the case. I walk by the Danube canal or on the main shores of the Danube every day. I always have my phone with me and take videos, but I want to give you a break; otherwise, as the saying goes, I would overwhelm you.
Last week, I went in front of the Vienna City Hall with my two daughters. The Vienna Town Hall Square is truly beautiful, and this is not just me saying this as someone who loves Vienna; everyone says it. There are many beautiful places in the world, but none like the Vienna Town Hall Square!
Yes, my friends, every year, in the summer, the Vienna Town Hall Square becomes a gathering place for Viennese people. They can not only watch valuable old movies and famous concerts on a very large screen in front of the beautiful City Hall building, but they can also enjoy food from more than 26 stalls offering dishes from various countries around the world. There are also friends from Iran who are usually present there every year, and I thank them for introducing foods like kebabs, stews, and saffron rice pudding to the visitors. We didn’t try it this year, but in previous years, I did, and it was always good. I wish them success.
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