Donauinselfest 26. Juni 2023 Vienna Open Air 2023 part 2 جشن جزیره دانوب قسمت دوم

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Yesterday, which was Monday, June 25, 2023, I went to Danube Island again, but this time with my daughter.
Because the weather was sunny, it was very crowded. There were 2-3 music stages as well. During the hours we were there, only DJs played music, and there was no live concert. However, they were good.
Overall, despite the absence of COVID-19 this year, in my opinion, it was much les lively and vibrant with less intersting stalls, compared to previous years.
Except for the last day, the weather didn’t cooperate, and the Friday, Saturday weren’t great Although in the concert they held late Friday night, the audience attendance record was broken, with hundreds of thousands of people being present!
I don’t remember the name of the band/group right now which played at that night but it doesn’t matter. What’s more important is that the prices of food and drinks were so high that almost everyone just walked by, and there were no rush about eating and drinking like every year.
Last year, there were queues in front of every stall, but this year, there was no sign of those crowds.
A half-liter of beer cost 6 euros, a doner kebab sandwich cost 7 euros. Someone had had a sign saying “Sale, Sale, Sale.” Whiskey with cola was only 8 euros!
for a little shot of whiskey into a one-third-liter glass, and the rest was Coca-Cola, probably from the discounted sort and not even the original Coca Cola!
If this wasn’t a real bargain , then what is?🙄

I have several more videos from this open-air summer celebration on Danube Island in Vienna, and I’ll probably share one or two more with you. For now, have a great day, and I apologize for the low quality of the videos, but that’s all I have!

دیروز که یکشنبه ۲۵ ژوئن ۲۰۲۳ بود , دوباره رفتم جزیره دانوب اما اینبار با دخترم, بخاطر اینکه هوا آفتابی بود , خیلی شلوغ بود , ۲-۳ تا استیج موزیک هم داشتن, که در این ساعاتی که ما اونجا بودیم , فقط دی جی ها موزیک میزاشتن و از کنسرت زنده خبری نبود اما اونام خوب بودن , درجمع امسال با وجود نبودن کرونا, به نظر من, خیلی تق و لق تر از سال های قبل بود , هوا هم غیر از روز آخر همراهی نکرد و روز های جمعه و شنبه خوب نبود, هر چند که در کنسرتی که آخر شب روز جمعه اینجا گذاشتن, رکورد تماشاچی شکسته شده و ۱۰۰ ها هزار نفر اینجا بودن!
اسم گروه الان یادم نیست مهم هم نیست , چیزی که مهم تره اینه که, اینقدر قیمت غذا ها و نوشابه ها گرون بود که تقریبا همه فقط راه میرفتن و از خوردن و آشامیدن هر ساله خبری نبود, پارسال جلوو هر دکه صف بود امسال اما اصلا از اون خبرا نبود, آبجو نیم لیتری, ۶ یورو , ساندویچ دونر کباب , ۷ یورو , یکی آتیش زده بود به مالش, نوشته بود حراج حراج حراج , ویسکی کولا, فقط ۸ یورو , یک لیوان ۳ دهم لیتری رو یکی ۲ قاشق ویسکی میریخت توش, بقیشم کوکا کولا , اونم از کولا های نو نیم قلابی احتمالا, ۸ یورو هم میگرفت, اگه این حراج نیست, پس چی حراجه؟!

چندین ویدیوی دیگه هم دارم از این جشن روباز تابستونی جزیره دانوب وین, که احتمالا یکی دو تا دیگشم براتون میزارم .
فعلا روزتون خوش, از کیفیت پایین ویدیو ها, عذر خواهی میکنم اما دیگه همینه که هست!

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