learn Body parts in German, Körperteile lernen آموزش 90عضو بیرونی بدن به زبان آلمانی



lernen parts of the body the body The skin The bone the head the back the finger the calf the heel the head the shoulder the armpit the upper arm forearm the elbow The butt the buttocks of the the buttocks the bottom the thigh the lower leg the hollow of the knee the ankle the neck the neck the arm the hand the leg the breast the nipple the belly Genitals the pubic hair the vagina the vagina the Member the penis the testicles the knee the shin the toe the foot the body the upper body the lower body the hair the face the head the face the hair forehead the eye the nose the cheek the mouth the tongue the chin the ear the eye The eyebrow the eyelashes the eyelid the eyeball the iris the pupil the mouth the lips the upper lip the lower lip the tooth the hand the finger the little finger the ring finger The thief the index finger the thumb the wrist the palm of the hand the lifelines the back of the hand the ankle the finger joint the fingernail fist the foot the ankle the instep the ankle the heel the toe the big toe the little toe the toenail the ball of the foot the sole of the foot the ball of the heel

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