Study 30 English IDIOMS that describe PEOPLE


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Let’s study beautiful idioms to talk about PEOPLE! 👫 Idioms are fun, descriptive ways to refer to friends, colleagues, neighbours and family as you talk about them in English!

Study and practise 30 beautiful English idioms with me and don’t forget to share your homework in the comments!

You’ll learn some interesting idioms to help you describe people – names you can call them – in English, including:
🔸 early bird
🔸 night owl
🔸 lucky duck
🔸 smart aleck
🔸 smart cookie
🔸 Lone wolf
And many more!

———- TIMESTAMPS ———-
0:00 Introduction
02:00 lone wolf
02:47 party animal
03:10 dark horse
03:52 team player
04:21 culture vulture
04:51 early bird
05:38 night owl
06:02 go-getter
06:34 good egg
06:47 bad egg
06:58 jack-of-all-trades
08:42 man of his word / woman of her word
09:02 mover and shaker
09:32 smart cookie
09:49 teacher’s pet
10:37 creature of habit
11:14 smooth talker
11:39 busy body
12:03 cheapskate or tightarse
12:37 fuddy-duddy
13:15 goody-goody
13:59 know-it-all
14:36 gold digger
15:04 lucky duck
15:19 party pooper
16:02 penny-pincher
16:34 backseat driver
17:29 worrywart
17:57 smart aleck or smart arse
18:46 straight shooter / talker


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