Huge DUBAI FOOD Tour!! 48 HOURS EATING Fast Food + Emirati Food in UAE!


Mark Wiens
8,41 Mio. Abonnenten

Thank you to Visit Dubai for inviting me on this food tour of Dubai!

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Welcome to Dubai, UAE, and today we’re going on an ultimate 48 hour food tour of Dubai. We’ll be eating traditional Emirati food, Iranian, Pakistani, Indian, and local street food fast food. It’s going to be an amazing two days of eating our way through Dubai and I can’t wait to share it all with you now!

Here are all the places we ate:

Al Jawareh Traditional Restaurant ( – This restaurant specializes in traditional Emirati food, a little outside of the center of the city. I especially love the omelet with tomato and chabab bread that you can eat with cheese and date syrup.

Al Fareej Restaurant ( – Next up, Iraian food and a massive kebab tray that included a big variety. Of course kebab koobideh is the king of all kebabs and it was delicious.

Mumbai Express Restaurant and Cafe ( – Next up we ate at Mumbai Express, an Indian restaurant serving mainly Mumbai snacks, chaats, and light meals. Their pav bhaji was fantastic.

Ravi Restaurant ( – One of the meals of this entire Dubai food tour was at Ravi Restaurant that’s probably the most well known Pakistani food in all of Dubai. Their food is outstanding, including the variety of grilled meats and especially their mutton Peshawari.

Al Ijaza Cafeteria ( – Next up, Al Ijaza Cafeteria which is one of the most family street food / fast food spots in Dubai. They have a humorous and creative menu highlights sandwiches and grilled meats with a huge selection of milkshakes and fruit shakes.

Sonara Camp ( – Finally to complete this ultimate Dubai food tour, we headed out to the desert to the luxurious Sonara Camp. There was entertainment and food and a great family and special meal experience.

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