Grilled Chicken Breast or iranian Jujeh kabab #shorts



Jujeh Kabab is a delicious dish that consists of grilled pieces of chicken on skewers. It’s traditionally served with fresh tomatoes, onions, and lemon. Today I’m going to show you how to prepare this dish with simple ingredients you have in your kitchen.


Kebabs are delicious and popular, but did you know that chicken kebabs are one of the most delicios and cheapest?!
The cooking time is also much shorter!

Chicken kebab is common in many different Cultures and many differnet Recipes, each depending on the taste of the chef, their own unique way to taste them. Common ingredients for grilling chicken are onion, saffron and lemon juice

Grilling and frying kebabs is a common way to cook them – they are more likely to happen outdoors than at home. Baking it on the grill is more popular when outdoors and frying is done mostley indoor.



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