How To Use the Ubahn – Vienna

Jen The Singing Traveler

How to use the Ubahn (Subway) in Vienna, Austria. Step by step guide to purchasing your ticket, validating the ticket, and riding on the train. Vienna’s public transportation is extremely efficient, clean, and easy to use! Ticket prices have gone up since I made this video, but the system still works exactly the same!
Have a great time in Vienna! 🙂
***Prices have gone up since the filming of this video, but the system still works the same!

Just a quick note about getting in and out of the actual Ubahn train: The doors do not open automatically. You need to either press the button or pull the lever to open the door.

Jen used to live in Vienna, and to this day, it’s still her favorite city!

Jen and Milos spend six months each year leading large groups tours around Central Europe. The other half of the year is split living between Jen’s home country (USA) and Milos’ home country (Croatia.)

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