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First Christmas Market in TWO YEARS! The Christmas markets have been cancelled the last two years in Germany and we were FINALLY able to go to a Christmas market in Vienna, Austria. This is both of our first times experiencing an Austrian Weihnachtsmarkt! There were a lot of familiar food and drinks and a lot of local items as well!

Please Note: This was filmed well before the November 22, 2021 lockdown in Austria. There was no announcement of a full lockdown prior to our arrival in Austria.

00:00 – It’s been 2 Years!
00:15 – Ordering Glühwein
01:03 – Next Market!
01:23 – Wiener Christkindlmarkt
02:19 – Wiener Christkindl Punsch
02:50 – Why do you go to Christmas Markets?
03:19 – Red or White Glühwein?
03:33 – Vienna City Hall
03:58 – DELICIOUS Langos
05:24 – Like & Subscribe, Please!
05:42 – all of the lights
06:26 – cute hats for sale
06:47 – clothes, gifts, food, drinks
07:32 – Next Market!
08:22 – Leberkäse
08:42 – Ginger Honey Punch
09:01 – market activities
09:30 – German Market Next!
09:29 – Like the Vid!

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