Deana and Phil

Time for some delicious Austrian street food! We visited Vienna, Austria and we had to try a lot of the typical to-to items you can get on the go in Austria. We wanted to add the desserts in this video because when it’s nice outside, it is very common to enjoy a nice cake and coffee on an outside table in the streets of Austria. Deana is from the USA and Phil is from Germany. We live in Germany and enjoy learning about different cultures and cuisine. We encourage you to grab a snack and enjoy the video!

Please Note: This was filmed well before the November 22, 2021 lockdown in Austria. There was no announcement of a full lockdown prior to our arrival in Austria.

00:00 – Street food in Austria!
00:17 – Leberkäse
00:44 – How do you say ‘bread roll’ in German?
01:27 – ketchup or mustard?
01:31 – Sausage Time!
02:08 – Käsekrainer
02:55 – Like & Sub!
03:10 – Dessert Time!
03:26 – Deana’s Fav
03:36 – Kaiserschmarrn
04:59 – Apfelstrudel
06:08 – Coffee on the STREET!
06:18 – Sachertorte
07:13 – Vending Machine Items 😉

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