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If you’ve ever thought you had no talent for learning German, this video will prove you wrong. The 9 conversations in this video were written specifically for learning German and it’ll bring back that natural talent we all have for learning languages. We’ll start by teaching you 10 to 15 keywords that will be crucial for the upcoming conversation. This will flood your brain with repetition and it’ll make the whole conversation a lot more comprehensible, which is absolutely essential to help you learn other words from context. It’s the perfect recipe for learning effectively.

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Here are the 9 included scenes:
00:00 Intro
00:35 Scene 1: The Informal Phone Call
08:39 Scene 2: At the Tourist Information Centre
16:33 Scene 3: Talking about Hobbies
23:38 Scene 4: Talking about Occupations
30:41 Scene 5: Making a Hotel Reservation
38:52 Scene 6: Paying at the Restaurant
44:37 Scene 7: Buying a Train Ticket
52:15 Scene 8: Paying the Cash Register
58:39 Scene 9: Ordering Fast Food

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