National Arab Orchestra – Alf Leila wi Leila / الف ليلة وليلى – Mai Farouk / مي فاروق


National Arab Orchestra
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A Tribute to Asmahan and Um Kulthoum
Presented By: Ithra Theater (
Featuring: National Arab Orchestra w/ Lubana Al Quntar & Mai Farouk
Directed by: Michael Ibrahim & Elie Karam
King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, By Saudi Aramco – Saudi Arabia
November 22 – 23

Alf Leila wi Leila – Baligh Hamdi
Vocalist: Mai Farouk

Meet the Orchestra – Concert Mistress: Megan Gould. Violin: Naji Azar, Houssam Azzam, Bengisu Gokce, Laura Harada, Jumanah Hassan, Mounir Makhoul, Insia Malik, Raymond Nassif, Mario Rahy, Ceren Turkmenoglu, Sachiyo Yoshimoto. Viola: Charbel Antoun, Marandi Hostetter, Roberto Riggio, Andrea Vercoe. Cello: Mohannad Al Zahabi, Rayan Azzam, Victoria Morcos. Oud: Victor Ghannam. Qanun: Kamal El Dakdouki. Nay/Conductor: Michael Ibrahim. Accordion: Chadi Saad. Piano/Sythesizer: Maroun Yammine. Electric Guitar: Mazen Jaber. Percussion: Wissam El Bitar, Charlie Fadel, Edy Fadel, Gilbert Mansour, Dr. Gursharan Singh Sandhu.

Audio and Post Production: Dave Schall

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