How to Make PINEAPPLE PIZZA Like an Italian

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Pineapple on PIZZA? NOOOO!! What is even happening to me? No, I haven’t been brainwashed (or kidnapped) BUT I have been challenged by SO many of you to eat pineapple on my pizza so I have given in. As part of my series recreating “fake Italian food as an Italian”, I have developed a recipe using quality Italian ingredients like gorgonzola cheese and parmigiano cream that is actually…delicious. I almost want to be wrong at the end because I still can’t believe it but it DID work and with absolutely no tomato on the base. Would you try it?

0:00 Introduction to Pineapple Pizza
1:18 Welcome to Vincenzo’s Plate
1:44 What is the best cheese to serve with Pineapple
2:00 Ingredients for Pineapple Pizza
2:22 Pineapple Pizza Recipe
3:31 Try Pineapple dipped in Cheese
3:59 How to Fry Stretch the Pizza
5:26 Add toppings to the Pineapple Pizza
7:27 Cook the Pineapple Pizza
10:30 Time to Eat Pineapple Pizza, E ora si Mangia

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