14 Common Insulin Resistance Treatments That Stops Your Weight Loss & May Hurt You


Dr. Sten Ekberg

If you are looking to Reverse Insulin Resistance here are 14 Common Insulin Resistance Treatments That Stops Your Weight Loss & May Hurt You. Here are 14 ways people use to treat or reduce blood sugar with insulin resistance treatments
such as insulin resistance medicine, insulin resistance supplements and natural remedies that could actually make it harder to reverse insulin resistance, harder to lose weight, and could be promoting metabolic syndrome. While your blood work may look better your body is not getting healthier. Doctors think insulin resistance treatments require taking medication or surgery. They tell you to lose weight to reverse your insulin resistance but the insulin resistance treatment is actually causing you to gain weight. Doctors say treatment is the best way to handle insulin resistance but they also say weight loss, diet and exercise is recommended. You can do something about it. If you don’t control insulin resistance it can lead to prediabetes then diabetes type 2 also called diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a serious health issue, so please reverse your insulin resistance now. By watching this video you can learn how to avoid common insulin resistance treatment that could hurt you and how best to treat your insulin resistance.

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