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🌮 This is our last day in CDMX so we have to eat all of the delicious Mexican food we didn’t on the previous 2 episodes… Stay tuned until the end for a massive food tour of Mexico City!

For breakfast, we stopped into Los Especiales for their Tacos de Canasta (basket tacos). These are tacos that are filled with stew, smothered in oil and steamed in a basket. These are commonly had for breakfast and we ordered their adobo variety.

While exploring the Zócalo area, we ordered a Coca-Cola, which are quite special in Mexico. A Mexican coke is produced using cane sugar, instead of corn syrups. Overall the Mexican Coke tastes better and the cane sugar makes the flavours very sweet. This was a popular request from our comment section on the previous two Mexico episodes.

There is a local institution in Zócalo as well that specializes in churros. We went into Churrería El Moro and ordered a plate of churros (4 churros) with cinnamon and sugar on top. We also ordered their Mexican Hot Chocolate. It was quite delicious to dip the churros into the hot chocolate and the churros were served straight from the deep-fry!

Before we attempted another bite of food, we walked off some calories by visiting Mercado de San Juan. It is a relatively calm and clean market, where you can find a range of Mexican produce, meats, fish and more. For the adventurous tourists, you can also try some unique snacks, like scorpions, insects and spiders.

Outside of the Zócalo area is an incredible taco stall we needed to try. Tacos “El Paisa” is the definition of street food and you could tell that this was a local spot. Here they serve tacos de suadero. Suadero is a specific cut of meat, either beef or pork, that bubbles away in a rich and spicy looking oil. Fatty and lean chunks saturated in oil are served on tortilla and you eat counter-side with the chef. The chef was friendly and even offered us the rest of his brandy! These were the BEST tacos we had in all of Mexico City!!!

To end our last day in CDMX strong, we went back to our hotel and ordered some Mexican tequila cocktails. One was made with fresh juices and 3 types of tequila, and the other was made with tequila, lemon juice and sparkling soda. We stayed at the Hilton Reforma, which we found to be an excellent location for exploring Mexico City.

That’s it for Mexico City! We hope you enjoyed these episodes and make sure to stay tuned because we are heading to Oaxaca!!! Make sure to like this video and subscribe so that you never miss an episode. OAXACA STREET FOOD tour up next!!!

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