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Eating with NOMADS in the SAHARA DESERT 🇲🇦 Medfouna (Berber Pizza) in Morocco!!

Luke Martin

We’re in the Moroccan Sahara, far from the lush green forests and vibrant Atlantic coastline that we saw in previous episodes. The Sahara Desert stretches over one third of the African continent, spanning the borders of 11 countries. Being the largest “hot desert” in the world, the scorching heat, arid landscapes and sparse vegetation make it a challenging place for humans to inhabit; yet it is home to two million people, most of which are nomadic. In this video, we want to highlight what life is like for these Amazigh nomadic people living in the Moroccan Sahara.

Step back in time with us at a local souk (Marché Central Rissani), where nomads bring their products from surrounding villages by donkey. We will be stopping by a street food stall that makes the most DELICIOUS Medfouna (Berber Pizza). We ordered beef and also a vegetarian Medfouna. We will show the full preparation of this stuffed Moroccan pizza, and enjoy it with Moroccan Mint Tea. We will also visit a camel farm that produces fresh camel milk, and try it straight from the camel!!!

We will then take you DEEP into the desert, where we will be taking an adrenaline pumping ATV ride across the golden dunes. Then, a visit to a nomadic family to learn about how they live in such harsh conditions, their day-to-day challenges, and what their future will look like. The matriarch of the family kindly welcomed us and we enjoyed a bowl of couscous and tea under a camel-skin tent. Couscous is the staple dish for Amazigh nomads, as the couscous is easy to make and transport.

We will then hop on camels to see the dunes from a different perspective, while watching the sunset over the town of Merzouga. This was a spectacular experience for us and we hope you’ll enjoy this episode from Morocco!

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