Vienna, Austria Walking Tour (4k Ultra HD 60fps)


خب عزیزان, این هم یک تور پیاده روی در شهر زیبای ما وین , انشالله قسمتتون شد گذرتون به این شهر زیبا , دیدنی و دوست داشتنی افتاد, در هتل ها, رستوران ها و اصلا هر جا ,بگین از دوستای من هستین , با اردنگی میندازنتون بیرون! 😂


Don’t miss our walk in Salzburg, Austria. Here is the link:​

We recorded this 4k ultra hd video during our trip to Vienna, Austria on June 2019.
Vienna is the federal capital and largest city of Austria, it is known for its high standard of living and from 2001 the city center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our guided walking tour is about 2.5 miles (4 km) long, starts at Vienna State Opera House, ends at Neue Burg and covers most attractions and historic sites of Vienna Old Town.

Video Timeline Links:
00:00​ – Vienna, Austria Walking Tour Intro
00:30​ – Vienna State Opera House
06:04​ – Castle Garden
11:14​ – The Palm Tree House
15:18​ – Albertina Museum
20:02​ – Anti-War & Fascism Monument
26:56​ – Carinthia Road
31:14​ – St. Stephen’s Cathedral
44:18​ – Mozart’s Vienna Apartment
51:38​ – Vienna Plague Column
53:15​ – Saint Peter’s Church
1:00:12​ – In Court Square (Am Hof)
1:07:12​ – Michael’s Square
1:12:55​ – Joseph’s Square
1:17:34​ – Hofburg Imperial Apartments
1:22:38​ – Neue Burg
1:27:35​ – Maria Theresa Monument

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