Tiramisu 🍓 strawberry! Fine dessert No baking! Cook for 5 minutes!

Schnelle Rezepte
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Tiramisu 🍓 strawberry! Fine dessert No baking! Cooking for 5 minutes is very quick and delicious! A no-bake cake made from the cheapest products. How to make a cake at home without an oven – see my video. The cottage cheese dessert with strawberries is very good and tasty! Fast for tea, cream, biscuits and strawberries! Sweets for your loved ones!

Recipe and preparation:

Strawberries 600 grams.
Cream (33-35%) 250 ml.
Powdered sugar 150 grams.
Cream cheese (mascarpone, ricotta) 250 grams.
Cookies “Savoyardi” 250 grams.
split shape (20 to 22).
Sprinkle with cocoa and store in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
delicious and simple dessert, bon appetite!

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