CRAZY STREET FOOD IN FES – Camel Kebab BBQ in Morocco (You’ve NEVER Seen this Before!)



Luke Martin

We’re in Fès, Morocco’s arts and cultural capital! We’re taking you for a day of eating in the Fes Medina, and then a home-cooking family meal that you’ve never SEEN BEFORE! Make sure to watch until the end for delicious Fes food that will blow your mind!!!

We started our Moroccan Food Tour inside the Fès Medina. It is the largest Medina in the world and is home to over 9000 twisting & narrow alleyways, and is teaming with amazing street food. Here’s the street food we ate:

– Moroccan Yogurt: Eat it with a spoon, or just drink it! This is the perfect way to start a day of eating street food. Made from fresh cow milk, it is light and slightly sweet.

– Chebakia + Various Pastries: Moroccan pastry shaped as a rose, deep fried and covered in honey, rosewater and sesame seeds. These are particularly popular around Ramadan, which is happening now.

– Moroccan Nougat: Spongy, sweet and crunchy from nuts. Moroccan nougat can be found in many varieties of different flavours, colours and nuts.

– Camel Kebabs: We first visited the medina’s camel butcher. He minced the camel meat, seasoned it with spices and herbs and then we took it to Mr. Ayachi, the camel BBQ master. There, Mr. Ayachi created the camel meat into kefta, and grilled them over a super smoky fire. They were absolutely delicious!

– Cactus Fruit (Prickly Pear): Did you know you could eat cactus? This fruit has a deep pink color and has a similar flavour to dragonfruit. The fruit will dye your tongue pink!

After spending the day in the Fes Medina, we went to Riad Jardin Chrifa (where we were staying) to experience a family home-cooked meal. Moroccan Food Tour promised us a very special dish! When we arrived, the chef from Jardin Chrifa started preparing a traditional Fes dish: Tihane (stuffed spleen). The spleen is first cleaned out then is stuffed with minced beef, liver, eggs and Moroccan spices & herbs. Once it is overflowing with stuffing, the spleen is then sewed shut. It is roasted in the oven and served as one GIANT MOROCCAN SAUSAGE!

The Tihane was served alongside a HUGE spread of traditional Fassi dishes. It was an amazing experience to eat with everyone like a family. After dinner, we were also served Fassi style desserts.

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