Istanbul City Walking Tour | Eminönü ,Sirkeci Neighborhood | 2 April 2021|4k UHD 60fps


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2 April 2021 .Walking Tour In Istanbul City

Walking Tour in Istanbul City is always a hobby!
Especially in the neighborhood of Eminönü and Sirkeci
Very old markets, alleys with cafes and very old restaurants make you better understand the beauties of Istanbul City
Sirkeci and Eminönü neighborhoods due to their proximity to Sultan Ahmed neighborhood and Bosphorus Strait have caused more tourists to come to visit this area.
Sirkeci is a quarter in the Eminönü neighborhood of the Fatih district of the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The neighborhood borders to the North the mouth of the Golden Horn, to the West the neighborhood of Bahçekapı, to the East the Topkapi Palace area, and to the South the Cağaloğlu neighborhood

Video Time:
00:00​ Intro
01:27​ Sirkeci Metro Station
02:34​ Ankara Street
05:29​ Sirkeci Small Food Bazaar
07:25​ Ankara Street
08:11​ Sirkeci
10:56​ Hamidiye Street
16:24​ Arpacilar Street
17:59​ Eminönü Square
21:57​ Misir Carsi(Egyptian Bazaar)
25:09​ Eminönü Bazaar
35:11​ Buyuk Postane Street
37:53​ Istanbul Post Office

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