What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Pumpkin Seeds Daily



Intro – 0:00​
1. Reduces your risk of getting cancer – 00:24​
2. Great for your bladder and prostate – 01:21​
3. Improves your heart health – 02:18​
4. Lowers your blood sugar levels – 02:59​
5. Helps you get a proper sleep – 03:33​
6. Improves fertility – 04:00​
7. Lots of magnesium – 04:24​
8. Loaded with fiber – 05:35​
9. Lots of antioxidants – 06:10​
10. Offers you several nutrients – 06:56​
11. So easy to include in your diet – 08:04​

1. Reduces Your Risk Of Getting Cancer
The nutty flavor of pumpkin seeds isn’t the only reason why you should include them in your diet. They’re tasty, and healthy for your body. Especially if you want to reduce your chances of cancer!

2. Great For Your Bladder And Prostate
There’s no avoiding pumpkin seeds if you want a healthy bladder and prostate gland. Seriously! Pumpkin seeds are very effective in preventing very common prostate issues in which the gland enlarges. This causes problems while urinating.

3. Improves Your Heart Health
Pumpkin seeds have a host of nutrients that stop heart disease. For one, there’s zinc… the mineral with the normal structure and physiology of cells. Zinc deficiency is a reversible cause of heart failure.

4. Lowers Your Blood Sugar Levels
Pumpkin seed powder and juice are especially recommended for people who are at the risk of diabetes. Several studies have proven them to be very effective in decreasing blood sugar in people with type-2 diabetes.

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