How To Lift Droopy Eyelids Naturally


Ryan Taylor

How To Lift Droopy Eyelids Naturally. [Subtitles]

In today’s video we share with you 9 natural remedies to fix droopy eyelids at home. These are cheap, inexpensive ways to get rid of droopy eyelids by improving the muscles above the eye, and reduce swelling and inflammation. These home remedies for droopy eyelids are very easy to perform and can work wonders in improving this condition, also known as ptosis.

Poor nerve health or atrophy of the small muscles in your eyebrow are usually the cause, so you may want to start by focusing on the exercise for drooping eyelids that we share in the video.

Natural Remedies for Droopy Eyelids:
1. Egg White
2. Chamomile Tea
3. Olive Oil
4. Cold Egg
5. Eyelid Raise (Resistance Exercise)
6. Nutritional Yeast
7. Aloe Vera Gel
8. Green Tea
9. Potassium Citrate

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