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Street Food at Home – Lebanese street food style kofta kebab recipe. Cook and eat #withme #streetfoodathome #Lebanon #LebaneseFood

Baalbek, Lebanon – Welcome to Baalbek, Lebanon, one of the world’s most ancient cities. I was excited to visit, and before we toured the ancient ruins of Baalbek, we went on a street food tour. The first place Kamel and Fadi took me was a small butcher shop that specialized in not only raw fresh meat, but kebabs and kofta kebabs, and preparing meat to go into a special pastry from Baalbek. After eating the amazing pastries – which unfortunately didn’t make today – we then had some of the best freshly grilled kofta kebabs I’ve ever had. And so in this video we’ll learn to make Lebanese street food kofta kebabs!

First let me mention to you this was my first time to ever make this kofta kebab recipe, and more importantly my first time to form kebabs on skewers. Let me tell you, they make it look much easier than it is. To form minced meat onto a metal sword like skewer can take a lifetime of practice and it’s challenging to get the perfect consistency, evenness, and form. But luckily it turned out pretty well.

Ok, here are all the ingredients you’ll need to make this Lebanese street food kofta recipe. And this list of ingredients is just a guide, not exact. You can increase or decrease depending on your taste and feel.

For the kofta kebabs:
1 White onion
100 g. Flat leaf parsley
1 kg. Ground lamb (or beef)
½ teaspoon Lebanese Seven Spice mixture
1 teaspoon Black pepper
Salt – to taste
Dry chili (I used cayenne) – to taste

For the parsley salad:
100 g. Flat leaf parsley
1 White onion
2 Tomatoes
1 teaspoon Sumac
½ Lemon juice
Salt – to taste

Tomatoes and onions to roast, pita bread to eat with entire meal

Make sure you watch the video for complete direction, steps, and method on how to make this recipe. Hope you enjoy it, and let me know how your kofta kebabs come out!

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