Late Night Street Food in Shiraz, Iran 🇮🇷!! Chicken Wings BBQ 🍗!

Mark Abroad

Shiraz, Iran – We arrived at night to Shiraz, and we were going to call it an early night to rest for the next day. However, the next day, the Shiraz bazaar would be closed, so Alijan (Persia Tour Guide:…) and I quickly headed out to get a glimpse of the bazaar. It was closing, but we were still able to get in and enjoy some sights and sounds.

We were fortunate to meet some cool people along the way, and we were able to visit the gardens within the bazaar.

After the bazaar and getting some first impressions of Shiraz, we then decided to walk back to our hotel. But along the way, we stumbled into a market – and all of a sudden we were hungry. Chickpeas were delicious. But the real highlight were chicken wings kebabs, grilled fresh over hot charcoal.

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