I ate 48 YEARS-OLD GARLIC!! Unbelievable Iranian Village Food in Masuleh, Iran!


Mark Wiens

MASULEH, IRAN – Located in Gilan province, high within the mountains, it’s a lush green area of Iran, and home to some of the most unique Iranian food you’ll find. The village itself has an extremely unique architectural style. We were invited to a local home where an amazing family cooked us local Gilan Iranian food, including lots of walnuts and pomegranate. It was an outstanding meal and experience. #Masuleh #Iran #IranianFood

Zeytoon Parvardeh – One of the dishes, or condiments that’s common in this area of Iran, is olies, mixed with walnut paste, pomegranate paste, and pomegranate juice. Along with garlic and some sliced herbs, it was probably my favorite olive dish I’ve ever had anywhere in the world. Another ingredient I tasted for the first time is, hogweed – Persian hogweed – a very unique tasting seasoning.

As the amazing Iranian food continued to cook, we took a walk around Masuleh village, had some tea and some dizi (stew of lamb and chickpeas), and then headed back to the house for one of the most amazing meals I had during my trip to Iran. The food was spectacular, and it was a meal of trying so many different unique dishes and flavor combinations that I had never experienced before.

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