11 Gym Exercises Most People Are Doing Wrong

You pay for a gym membership and walk in, confident as can be. And when the front desk person asks you if you know how to work the machines, you proudly say “of course”. Seconds later, uh-oh, you realize you could’ve used some help, but you’re too shy to ask for it. Sound familiar? In that case, listen up – doing certain exercises wrong isn’t just useless, it can even injure you!

Squats 0:32
Leg press 1:32
Front and lateral shoulder raises 2:14
Treadmill 2:48
Stomach crunches 3:33
Triceps dips 4:10
Rower 4:45
Pushups 5:37
Bicep curls, dumbbell, and barbell 6:17
Cable triceps extensions 7:00
Chin-ups/pull-ups 7:30

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