WORLD’S BEST All You Can Eat BUFFET (Record Breaking $100 Million Budget)!



I lived on the world’s best buffet for a day which has a record breaking 100 million budget! While traveling I’ve experienced many All you can eat buffet food experiences, from street food, to fast food in Asia including Living on Vending machines for 24 hours in Tokyo, and LIVING on 7-ELEVEN FOODS in TAIWAN for 24 HOURS, however none of these were even close to the experience I had at this all you can eat buffet today! I came to the buffet with major munchies, and after eating all the meats, steak and seafood I can say that all this food is incredibly tasty and delish! This all you can eat buffet was so tasty else and overall this 24 hour challenge video was also an impossible challenge and an impossible food challenge as we lived entirely from this buffet for 24 hours. During the challenge we find things like pizza, fried chicken, steak, meat, seafood like lobster and many more!

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