5-Minute Crafts


Let’s prepare giant versions of food that everybody loves! Watch this video to learn how to cook a giant burger or burger with an omelet. Also, you will find a vegan version of your favorite burger. Start from making a giant burger! It’s really easy! Watch this video! By the way, you can turn this burger into a Birthday cake and the Birthday will be unforgettable!

I love to cook various desserts and always try something new. Choose big apples, wash them and dry. Next, cut out holes in apples using a sharp knife or apple corer. The hole should have the same size as your favorite chocolate bar. I prefer Twix and insert it in a hole. Bake and enjoy it. I love this recipe as it is incredibly simple.

We share a cool recipe of quesadilla that you can prepare only in 5 minutes. Place tortilla on a piece of aluminum foil. You can choose and stuff you like but you can try this one: cheese, beans, tomatoes, onions. Place another tortilla on it and cover it with a piece of foil. The next step is very surprising: heat the iron and “iron” your quesadilla for several seconds. Ready!
Let’s learn the easiest ways to cut and peel mangoes. Mangoes have a large and flat pit in the middle and you need to make two slices on either side of the pit. Now you have two halves with flesh, use the knife to make small squares as we show in our tutorial. Next, take a glass and place the edge of the mango half against the lip of a glass and slide it down. Because the mango flesh is very soft, the glass can slide through it and separate the skin relatively pain-free.


00:09 Incredible burger recipes
02:07 Vegan burger
03:57 Quick quesadilla
06:28 Homemade cheesecake
09:31 Apple pancakes

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