How to cook vegetables the proper way


Chef Cristian

In this video, you will learn how to cook vegetables the proper way.

NOTE: This is NOT a video on how to make vegetable broth, or vegetable soup. This is a video about how to quickly, effectively, and efficiently cook vegetables.

Vegetables have vitamins, fiber, nutrients, enzymes, and minerals. That is what makes them “healthy”. If you overcook vegetables, you may be destroying some of those nutrients, enzymes and vitamins.

By cooking vegetables properly, as shown in this video, you will ensure that you are keeping most of those vitamins, enzymes and nutrients intact. And thus, maximizing your nutrition while eating the veggies.

This process also allows you to keep veggies longer in the fridge. And re-heating them is as simple as taking them out of their container and blanching them again in hot water, or microwaving them, or pan frying them.

Disclaimer: This video contains paid product placement. The soup pot in the link has been tested and selected by Chef Cristian, and he recommends it. Each time you purchase this pot through the link, Chef Cristian gets a small commission. Thanks! #howtocook #vegetables #vegetariancooking

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