Vienna Christmas Markets

Eileen Aldis
Dec 15, 2017

VIENNA CHRISTMAS MARKETS – For this Vlogmas episode, I visited two Christmas markets in Vienna: Spittelberg and Rathausplatz. I had intended to visit more this night – there are a lot! – but the market at the Rathaus was so incredible and overwhelming that I didn’t want to leave.

When I asked my Austrian friends, who live in Vienna, which Christmas Market I should visit they unanimously said Spittelberg. It’s more local, with fewer tourists, and its charmingly nestled into tiny little streets that you wander through. It felt cute and intimate and I liked the smaller scale. There were food vendors but I noticed more stalls selling nice crafts and gifts than anywhere else I’ve been. It seemed like a place with unique items where you’d actually shop. I even met Santa Claus! When I told him I’d been good this year he rewarded me with a clementine and peanuts.

Next I went to the enormously grand market in front of the Rathaus or, in English, City Hall. It made me feel giddy when we first arrived because there were so many lights, people, decorations, and good smells wafting through the air. The whole atmosphere felt like Christmas in hyperdrive! Definitely what a Christmas market looks like when you picture it in your head, I think. It really delivered. I found booths of cute Vienna-inspired Christmas decor, a sausage in a bun that turned out to be filled with cheese, and a mug of traditional Glühwein or mulled wine. There was a Ferris wheel, light shows, and a large track for people to skate through the brightly-lit trees.

I thought I’d wander around more markets but, in truth, I had so much fun at the Rathaus Christmas Market that I didn’t want to leave. What did you think of this crazy Christmas market in Vienna? Do you prefer quiet and quaint Spittelberg or bright and bustling Rathausplatz?

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