Expectations of men and women after sex

One of the major problems between couples is the change in their behavior and their coldness after sexual intercourse, which usually occurs due to a lack of understanding of the opposite sex.

Changes in men after ejaculation and intercourse: Men usually feel sleepy and tired after sexual intercourse, which is completely natural. Many men do not get aroused for minutes or even hours after intercourse and do not experience another erection, which is also a completely natural process and not a sign of illness or sexual dysfunction. Usually, if you talk romantically to men after sex, they just agree. Men may temporarily appear emotionally colder after intercourse, but as mentioned, this condition is temporary. Men expect to think a little after sex, and their thoughts usually become more open. Men’s mental focus increases after intercourse and ejaculation.

Changes in women after orgasm and intercourse: Feeling lethargic, not as much as men, but enough to stay in bed for a while is natural. Women need more attention after sex. They enjoy being embraced. After sex and orgasm, women’s emotions are aroused, and sometimes they want to talk. Unlike men, women usually think about the experience they just had instead of thinking about other topics after an orgasm. Women, like men, do not get aroused for a short period after an orgasm. There are women who want to be alone, although their percentage is low.

Necessary advice for couples after intercourse:

  • After intercourse, do not turn your back on each other; instead, face each other and look into each other’s eyes. Using phrases like “you’re the best,” “you’re the sexiest woman in the world,” “you took me to the peak,” “I love you,” “I’m in love with you,” “you’re the warmest,” etc., can have positive effects on your partner, especially for women.
  • After intercourse, do not attempt to sexually stimulate each other again for a while.
  • It is better if the man brings a drink for the woman after intercourse. Showing affection to women after sex is essential, especially in those with a cold temperament; it can gradually change their temperament.
  • If the light is low in the place where intercourse took place, do not immediately increase the room’s brightness after the act. Everything should start slowly and end slowly. Performing these actions may be difficult for men due to the fatigue from intimacy, but doing so can increase the affection and warmth of the spouse towards them.”

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