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Chris Rea driving home for Christmas with English lyrice & German & Persian translation

English I’m driving home for Christmas Oh, I can’t wait to see those faces I’m driving home for Christmas, yeah Well I’m moving down that line And it’s been so long But I will...


Tamally Maak – Amr Diab [ Official Music Video ] تملى معاك – عمرو دياب

English translation Always with you I am always with You. And even when you’re far from me, your love is in my heart. I’m always with you, you’re always in my mind and in...


Amr Diab – Nour El Ein عمرو دياب – نور العين with English & Persian translation

English English translation Light of My Eyes My love, light of my eyes, inhabitant of my imagination I’ve been in love for years, only thinking of you My love, light of my eyes, inhabitant...