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You will no longer buy bread! DELICIOUS and EASY! Unbelievably good!


Hello everyone I hope you are fine
AN EXCELLENT IDEA. ❗ Easy bread recipe. No more buying. You can easily make bread at home. very tasty, you have to try it.

Necessary materials
For pre-fermentation.
1 glass of warm water (200 ml).
1 cup of flour (120 grams).
1 pack, fast yeast (10 grams).

For dough.
1 glass of warm water (200 ml).
3 cups of flour (360 grams).
1 teaspoon of salt (8 grams).

For sauce.
1.5 tablespoons flour (40 grams).
cold water (20 ml).
boiling water (50 ml).
1 egg “yolk”

For the above.

Preheated: Let’s bake in 250 ° C oven for 15 minutes.

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