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First class shish kebab (shashlik, lamb chops) with original Shandiz recipe

in a simple way that can be done at home

کباب شیشلیک درجه یک با رسپی اصیل شاندیز به روش ساده قابل انجام در منزل

Shishlik is by far the most delicious Iranian kebab. It is really difficult to find a delicious shish kebab,  juicy and prepared in an original way and without irrelevant manipulation, outside the beautiful city of Shandiz, Mashhad .

Mahyar, Teaches you step by step how to choose the right meat,  skewer, and the correct grilling technique in simple language and with all the necessary technical tips. By watching this video, you will be able to get a passing score of 20 (and even several marriage proposals) from the esteemed guests of yours in the first exam.

Ingredients for 4 people Fresh mutton about 1800 g (24 pieces of lamb chops)

Yellow or white onion 600 g

Freshly ground black pepper One hipped tablespoon

Salt one tablespoon

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