Fairuz – Al Bint El Chalabiya (1957)


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Sung by the legendary Fairouz, arranged by the Rahbani Brothers.
“Bint El Shalabiya” is best known from the version sung by the Lebanese icon Fairouz (1935 – present). The song is also known as a folk melody from the Greater Syrian region before the area had split into autonomous countries. Composer Assi Rahbani, also Fairouz’s husband, arranged the song in the late 1950s adding a bridge section to it.

“Born and educated in Beirut, she began her musical career as a chorus member at the Lebanese Radio Station. In the late 1950s her talent as a singer became fully acknowledged.
Fairouz’s early songs featured the singer’s distinct vocal timbre and lyrics expressing romantic love and nostalgia for village life. They meshed with a delicate orchestral blend in which certain Arab instruments figured prominently but which also subtly incorporated European instruments and European popular dance rythms. She also sometimes sang adaptations of Arab folk tunes.
By the early 1960s Fairouz was already one of the main attractions of the annual Baalbeck Festivals and a celebrity not only in Lebanon but throughout the Arab world. The dissemination of hundreds of songs, many musical plays and several films had widened her audience to include Arabs living in Europe and the Americas.
During most of her singing career, Fairouz was part of a three-member team which included the two Rahbani brothers.

Lyrics in Arabic: 

حد القناطر محبوبي ناطر كسر الخواطر يا ولفي ما هان عليي
بتطل بتروح والقلب مجروج وأيام ع البال بتعن وتروح
تحت الرمانة حبي حكاني سمعني غناني يا عيوني وتغزل فيا
بتطل بتروح والقلب مجروج وأيام ع البال بتعن وتروح
تحت الرمانة حبي حكاني سمعني غناني يا عيوني وتغزل فيا
بتطل بتروح والقلب مجروج وأيام ع البال بتعن وتروح



Ayşegül Coşkun


”Böyle Gelmiş Böyle” şarkısını sizler için seslendirdim. Umarım beğenirsiniz…

Türkçe Söz: Fecri Ebcioğlu
Söz-Müzik: Assy Rahbany – Mansour Rahbany
Klavye: Alican Genç
Davul: Özkan Önder
Bas Gitar: Semih Burcu
Gitar: Kemal Evrim Aslan
Perküsyon: Koray Ural
Keman: Altuğ Öncü
Back Vocal: Sidenur Töre
Mix & Mastering: Hamed Mokhtari

Böyle gelmiş böyle
Böyle geçer dünya
Günlerimiz bitecek
Bir gün saya saya

Seneler koşuyor
Gülüp ağlatıyor
Bir yol bak aynaya
Ömrümüz geçiyor
Bir kez bak aynaya
Ömrümüz geçiyor

Neşe, keder
Hepsi geçer
Bize kar kalan
Nedir bu dünyadan
Bize kar kalan
Nedir bu dünyadan

Farsça sözleri: (Persian lyrics)
Bar gisooyat ey jan
Kamtar zan shaneh
Chon dar chino shekanash darad
Dele man kashaneh

Bogsha ze mooyat
Gerehi chand ey mah
Ta bogshayi gerehi shayad
Ze dele divaneh

Del dar mooyat
Darad khaneh
Majnoon gardad
Cho zani har dam shaneh


Farsi version: Vigen & Pooran Shaneh


بر گیسویت ای جان، کمتر زن شانه

چون در چین و شکنش دارد دل من کاشانه

بگشا ز مویت گره ای چند ای مه

تا بگشایی گره ای شاید ز دل دیوانه

دل در مویت دارد خانه

مجروح گردد چو زنی هر دم شانه

در حلقه مویت بس دل اسیر است

بینم خونین دل این و آن سر هر دندانه



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