Criticise POLITELY without being RUDE | Polite English Criticism Phrases

English with Lucy

Do NOT say “no offence” – it’s rude! Learn how to give criticism in English without being rude and offending people! 12 ways to give constructive criticism politely + criticise constructively. Try the special learning method: Here’s the FREE audiobook:
My British English Pronunciation Course is now LIVE: (use code YOUTUBE10 for a 10% discount!)
Do you want to improve your pronunciation? I have launched my British English (Modern RP) pronunciation course! I’ll train you to read phonetic transcriptions, and produce each sound that comprises modern received pronunciation. I’ll also teach you how to implement the correct use of intonation, stress, rhythm, connected speech, and much more. We’ll compare similar sounds, and look at tricky topics like the glottal stop and the dark L. I’ve worked on this for YEARS and I am so happy to finally let you take the course!

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