$115 BISON STEAK!! 🥩 Anthony Bourdain Food Tour in New Jersey (Day 1)







Mark Wiens

NEW JERSEY, USA – When I was in New Jersey, I decided to go on the official Anthony Bourdain Food Trail (https://visitnj.org/anthony-bourdain). It’s a designated food tour featuring 10 different restaurants that were featured on Anthony Bourdain’s New Jersey episode of Parts Unknown.

So there’s 10 places, and I did it in 3 days, so this is a 3 video part series, where you’re going to see all the food and locations on this food tour. This is Part 1, where we started across the Hudson river from New York City.

Day 1: Anthony Bourdain New Jersey Food Tour

Hiram’s (https://goo.gl/maps/9RHxbZKzgUuaNHmz6) Price – $3.50 per hot dog – This is where we started with a couple of deep fried hot dogs “rippers” at Hiram’s, one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite hot dog restaurants. They hot dogs are deep fried, slotted into the bun, and served with or without chili, and condiments on the side. They were indeed delicious.

Long Beach Island – Kubel’s Bar & Grill (https://goo.gl/maps/QaKxBmVBxhZSQt6L7) – Total price – $65.57 – Next up on this New Jersey food tour on Day 1, we drove down the coast of Jersey to Long Beach Island, a favorite holiday destination and a place where Bourdain and his family often went for the summers. It’s a very nice island, filled with boat piers, docks, summer homes, holiday homes, and some classic restaurants. Kubel’s Bar & Grill is one of the classics, and I ordered some clam chowder, and deep fried clam strips.

Knife and Fork Inn (https://g.page/knifeandforkinn?share) – Total price – $174.67 for everything – Finally on Day 1, we continued on to Atlantic City and directly to Knife and Fork Inn, an institutional steak house. This was by far the highlight of Day 1 for me. The menu included steaks and local seafood, and when I saw the special for the day was a bison tomahawk steak, that’s immediately what I had to order. The bison was so flavorful and natural tasting, perfectly juicy and complex. It was one of the better steaks I’ve had in a long time. We also had some side dishes and seafood which were all fantastic. An amazing day, and a perfect way to wrap up the first day of food on Anthony Bourdain’s New Jersey food tour.

Keep watching Day 2 and Day 3, a lot more delicious food coming up on this Anthony Bourdain New Jersey food tour!

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