Persian Taste Test Treats and Snacks first time trying doogh

Cheeky Tam
the drink is called Dough and is the same az the turkish Ayran, which ia a mixture of Yogourt and watter, in iran we have fizzy Dough or just normal like the turkish Ayran !

Maryam Ajir
The description.. Feta cheese with soda, perfect description haha. I actually love that drink, you can get the fizzy one and non-fizzy one. I think you are right it is an acquired taste, I grew up drinking it so I LOVE it, but I can’t imagine it appealing to everybody. You should have just slowly turned it around a few times upside down to mix it so you don’t shake it too much but I guess you didn’t knows carbonated hahaha. Love you videos.

Sabine Abdi
5 years ago
the yogurt drink is very popular and it is made of yogurt, water, salt and some people add some soda too make it taste better

Mohammad Razavi
Lol, I couldn’t stop laughing while you were trying the yogurt drink. Yes, you were right, you have to grow up with it to like it.
I live outside of Iran and I tried this drink on some of my non-Iranian friends. They all said the same thing to me :).
There are actually more stuff that you can try. If you plan to have a second video, we Persians can gladly help you with the names 😉

B3A5T 021
You are correct Tam. The spice in the walnut cookie was in fact cardamom. Great tastebuds!

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