Phrasal Verbs for Everyday Conversation + My Tips to Learn & Use Correctly


Learn 10 interesting phrasal verbs for everyday conversation and learn to speak fluently! I’ll talk about also share my tips to learn and use them correctly in everyday conversations.

We use these phrasal verbs on a daily basis: you’ll hear them on the news; read them in the
paper; and hear people using them as they talk about their family, community, the pandemic, life and hope or the future.

Knowing *how* to use a phrasal verb correctly is the hardest part, so I’ll also get a little technical as I teach, to help you to understand exactly what you need to know and learn about phrasal verbs.

Phrasal Verbs that are transitive need an object. EG: (to) run out of (we need to always say WHAT we have run out of for this phrasal verb to make sense!) “We ran out of milk.”
If it’s intransitive, it can be used on its own, without an object. EG: (to) run out: “The milk ran out.”
Separable means that the verb and the particle are able to be separated in the sentence.
Both of these sentences are correct:
– He fought off the flu. ✅
– He fought the flu off. ✅
But (to) pass away is inseparable. We can only say “Her uncle passed away last year.”

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