How To Start a Conversation in Australia & Practise Speaking English!

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If starting a conversation in English feels like the hardest thing, today I’m sharing some practical tips on how to start speaking! I’ll go over what to say in a few different situations and highlight some great places to strike up a conversation & get some speaking practice!

I’m sharing advice on where to strike up a conversation in Australia, but these tips are relevant in all English speaking countries.

The skills you’ll learn in this lesson skills I teach in this video will help you build confidence, make friends, practise English and have fun!

💃I want you all to remember that while studying is important, you’ve got to put what you learn into practice, in *real world* situations. And if it doesn’t work out perfectly the first time, that’s okay! You’ve learned what doesn’t work and can try again anytime.

———- TIMESTAMPS ———-
00:00 Introduction
01:50 Greeting
03:26 At the pub
05:36 In the taxi
07:44 At the supermarket
09:01 When you’re travelling
11:12 Closing

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