Top 10 best airlines for flying Business Class


AleksFolk1 comments:
1 month ago
While I appreciate that this comes down to an individual’s experience, I think that J class is actually quite hard to be put into a list since it is very similar these days onboard, and your pre/post flight experience would have to be factored in. In saying that, my personal top 10 would be:
1. Singapore Airlines – guaranteed 1-2-1 on international long-haul flights. Book the cook service. Singapore T3 and lounges.
2. Etihad – guaranteed 1-2-1 on widebody aircraft. Abu Dhabi lounge. Inflight experience and service is impeccable.
3. Qantas – Standardised service across the entire network. While in a 2-2-2 configuration (A380/B747), having a fully flat seat that doesn’t go under the seat in front means additional space and the shell of the seat being used for privacy when in sleeping mode.
4. Delta – guaranteed 1-2-1 on widebody aircraft. DL lounges and partner lounges available across the network
5. Swiss Airlines – Boutique feel, the amenities onboard are high quality (La Prairie), 2/3 are direct aisle access – more appeal to couples.
6. Austrian Airlines – Same as Swiss Airlines, minus the amenities. My biggest appeal with OS was the fact that I could complete a 45 minute transit, get to my next flight, and have a cigarette in the smoking room – international to non-schengen transit. You have to go through security with these as well. In addition to the onboard catering which is amazing!
7. Lufthansa – While in a 2-2-2 configuration, the pre/post flight experience on the ground from any Lufthansa departure point is great! I’ve used them between Asia and Europe numerous times in business (and premium economy), never have I been disappointed – although always left underwhelmed by onboard seating.
8. Turkish Airlines – Aside from the A330 with old style recliner seating in a 2-2-2, the rest of the fleet (including the B777 in 2-3-2) is actually quite decent. Adding to that the catering onboard which is amazing, as well as the TK lounge at Istanbul airport which is like a terminal within a terminal.
9. British Airways – I haven’t flown on BA the longest out of this list, although based on the experience that I did have, I was left satisfied from the initial check in, to the lounge/boarding, and then on to flight and disembarking. It’s not the most amazing airline to fly (2-4-2 forward/rear facing), but not one I’d avoid flying.
10. Thai Airways – I had to think about the last spot for my list and in this case I picked Thai. While the seats I’ve experienced are the 2-2-2/2-3-2 B747 and A330, the onboard catering, the lounge at BKK and HKT airport, check in experience, and just the pleasant and welcoming crew onboard, made my experience with them all the better.

In saying this, I think that the A380 is going to be gone from our skies from the majority of airlines within the next 1-2 years – Emirate and Singapore Airlines will remain the only 2 operating this type only, Qantas is trying to hold onto theirs but it’s only a matter of time when they choose to retire their aircraft.

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