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The Best Vitamins For Your Eyes

Ryan Taylor

The best Vitamins for your eyes. [Subtitles]

If you suffer with dry eyes, blurred vision, cataracts or night blindness then you are most likely lacking a very important nutrient called Retinol, also known as Pro-Vitamin A.

Getting more Pro-Vitamin A into your diet can help to reverse damage from dryness to the eyes, by helping your tear glands to lubricate your eyes and keep them moist. Vitamin A in its active form helps to restore the surface of the eye and tear ducts.

Vitamin A is also essential for building healthy cells in the retina of the eye.

In today’s video we will teach you how to stop dry eyes, reduce the risk of cataracts and vision problems, by loading up on Pro-Vitamin A (retinol). We also share the best foods and supplements to help you achieve this and absorb it properly.

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