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Learn different words for types of male and female underwear!

This is vocabulary that you don’t normally learn in a classroom, but it can be very useful if you have to go shopping in an English-speaking country.

Vocabulary list:
underwear (1:09)
underpants (1:54)
pants (2:40)
bra, brassiere (3:22)
T-shirt bra (4:13)
strapless bra (4:29)
boob tube (4:56)
panties, knickers, briefs (5:12)
G-string, thong (6:42)
boxer shorts, boxers (8:40)
briefs (8:57)
trunks (9:12)
boxer briefs (9:20)
Y-fronts, fly fronts, (9:38)
long johns (9:55)

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