Daily Cleaning Routine to keep the house clean

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📍 Cooking Recipes

ㅇ Stir-fried tomato egg: chives, minced garlic, olive oil, tomato, soy sauce 1T, egg (Boiled green beans for 5 minutes is more delicious)

ㅇ Simple KIMCHI recipe : 200g Chinese cabbage, chives, glutinous rice paste (1T glutinous rice flour, half cup of water), seasoning (3T red pepper powder, 2T fish sauce, 1T minced garlic, 0.2T minced ginger, 0.5T sugar, sesame)

ㅇ Stir-fried red pepper: 1T soy sauce, 0.5T sugar, 0.5T minced garlic, sesame oil, a little sesame

ㅇ Mushroom Bulgogi: Mushroom (2T olive oil, 0.5T balsamic vinegar), Bulgogi (3T soy sauce, 1.5T sugar, 1T chives, 0.5T minced garlic, sesame, sesame oil, pepper)

ㅇ Salad Pasta: Pasta, Salad Vegetables, Cherry Tomato, Sausage, Boiled Egg, Seasoning (*2 servings* Oriental 6T, Balsamic 2T, Sweet Chili 3T, Ketchup 0.5T, Honey Mustard 0.5T, Minced Garlic 0.5T)

* Oriental sauce: soy sauce 3T, sugar 1.5T, olive oil 1T, minced onion 2t, lemon juice 4t, sesame 1T

ㅇ Plum sherbet: Plums cooked in the oven (190°C for 30 minutes) + sugar water (100g water, 180g sugar) After cooling, mix and store in the freezer

📍 Video related information

ㅇ Dish drying rack, food waste bin: VATYA
ㅇ Bucket type water purifier: BRITA
ㅇ Wood cutting board/furniture exclusive oil: HOWARD cutting board oil
ㅇ Penguin Ice Cream Mold : JAJU / Round Ice Mold : DAISO

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