TEHRAN / ‌‌Laleh-Zar street (لاله زار ) 2021


Laleh-Zar street (Persian: خیابان لاله‌زار‎) is one of the oldest streets of Tehran, Iran. This street is bordered to the south by Imam Khomeini square (former Toopkhaneh), and to the north by Enqelab Street (former Shah Reza Street).

At the end of the Qajar era and beginning of the Pahlavi era it was a symbol of modernism and art of Iran and was called as “Tehran’s Champs-Elysées”. Many theaters, restaurants, businesses, cabarets, dish-sellers, dressmakers, cinemas, and famous shops of Iran were located in this street.

Laleh-Zar district was Once the street in which all the cinema of Tehran were placed. The first movie in the history of Iran was shown in the Laleh cinema. This cinema itself was first inaugurated in 1945 and Prior to that this region was once the place of Mosafa garden, a Royal garden for the families and a place for the diplomats.

This street is also the birthplace of the first passage of Iran based on a western architecture.

Due to the interest of Qajars and the western layout of this street also many other advancements first started right here. For instance, The first telegram wire of Tehran was initiated in this sub region and since then many things have changed.

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