MOROCCO STREET FOOD – North African Food + Moroccan SEAFOOD in Chefchaouen (BLUE CITY)!!

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CHEFCHAOUEN Street Food w/ Moroccan Food Tour!!

In today’s video, join us in Chefchaouen with our friends from Moroccan Food Tour & Tour Guide Youssef (IG:…​), a city in the north of Morocco known for its beautiful blue colours painted on every street and wall. The entire old city is painted in different tones of blue, which is complemented by bright orange trees and lush green plants. In this episode, we will be showing you the beauty of Chefchaouen and also the amazing food it has to offer. Chaouen is a unique destination in Morocco, and its street food and local dishes should NOT be missed.

We’re first taking you to a cafe for a local “Chaouen” style breakfast. This includes fried eggs, shaved beef sausage, olives, baked breads, honey and jam. In April, oranges are in season which means you can get a huge mug of fresh squeezed orange juice anytime. We also ordered Moroccan mint tea. This cafe had a beautiful view of the “two horns” mountain peaks and the river Fouara.
80 MAD (USD $8.96) for 2

Next, we entered the medina to try local street foods. We started with “caliente” which is a hot chickpea pie. After we stopped at a traditional cookie stall to try ginger & cinnamon cookies, an avocado smoothie with sweets known as Zaa Zaa, and then more Moroccan mint tea.
Prices in order: 1 MAD (USD $0.11) per caliente, 1 MAD (USD $0.11) per cookie, 12.10 MAD (USD $1.36) for Zaa Zaa, Mint Tea: free

We dropped into an Amazigh artisanal home to see how the local carpets and blankets are weaved with real wool. After watching the weaving process by Youssef, we purchased a blanket that had the traditional Amazigh tribal designs incorporated into it.
900 MAD (USD $100)

Next, it was time for a local style lunch. We ordered 2 tagra (similar to tajine, but used for dishes that cook fast like seafood). One with shrimp, and one with anchovies. These tagra were paired with fried anchovies, and Lubia (white beans).
70 MAD (USD $7.84)

We continued exploring the city, stopping by the Kasbah and Outa el Hammam, before visiting a local vendor selling seasonal fruits and vegetables. As the sun started to set over Chefchaouen, we started hiking up the mountain to arrive at Chefchaoen’s Spanish Mosque, which isn’t in use, but it used to be a church. Now, it’s popular among locals and tourists to visit at sunset. This location provides the best view over the entire blue city, while the sun goes over the mountains.

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