How do Persians celebrate Nowruz?


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Hi everyone, I’m Amy from Brax Jewelers,

As we welcome this new season, I want to invite you into my home as we celebrate the first day of spring, Nowruz, with you by showing you my haft seen and sharing some of our traditions.

What Is Haft Seen And What Is The Meaning Behind It?

We prepare a beautiful table and decorate it with seven items. Each item begins with the letter s and is a symbol of spring and renewal- some of the items are:

Seeb (apple), representing beauty

Seer (garlic), representing good health

Serkeh (vinegar), representing patience

Sonbol (hyacinth), representing spring

Samanu (sweet pudding), representing fertility

Sabzeh (sprouts), representing rebirth

Sekeh (coins), representing prosperity
How Do Persians Celebrate Nowruz?

Since Nowruz is all about family and getting together, during this wonderful celebration, many celebrate with an array of different activities. First, we start with an evening of jumping over fires called charshambe Sori. We then proceed with the wearing of all new clothes and visiting with family and friends, called eid deedani. We finish the 13 days of festivities with a full day celebration at the park called sizda bedar.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Memories During Nowruz?

One of my favorite memories as a kid was wearing the new clothes. I remember my mom used to buy me all new clothes from head to toe from a fashionable kids’ boutique- to this day, I still remember that store.

Another one of my favorite memories was receiving money from my Uncle’s and Aunt during eid didani. I remember, my father used to round up whatever amount I got so I could have a little extra money to buy whatever I like.

Do You Do Anything Special At Brax Jewelers For Nowruz?

We set up a small haft seen at the store, and we put out fresh flowers to represent the coming of spring. As for our customers, during the month of March, we’re going to have a lot of amazing deals because one of the things about Persians is that they love deals. So, we want to make sure you are getting great deals during this special month.

Nowruz Pirouz

Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Persian New Year. May your beautiful smile be the reason for others’ happiness this year. Spread your joy and happiness to everyone around you.

From my family to yours, Nowruz Pirouz

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