One Pan Egg Toast – Three Ways | Korean Style French Toast Omelette | Breakfast Egg Recipes


Good day folks. Welcome to another cooking video.

On my previous video, I have done a regular version of this Korean One Pan Egg Toast. In this video, I challenged myself and my palate so I came up with 3 ways or 3 styles on how to prep a good delicious Egg Toast. I just can’t get enough of this recipe so I tried switching it up and added more proteins in it..and green spring onions.
What I like about this recipe too, is you can use any leftover meat you have available in your kitchen. You can decide on what condiments to use – some mayonnaise or mustard into your sandwich would be good too. You can also add some relish, sliced tomatoes, chives or lettuce in it for some crunch!
And oh before I forgot, I should mention that my favorite among these three sandwiches is the Strawberry Jam & Spring Onion version. The sweetness from the jam just go well with everything in the sandwich. I was skeptical about putting strawberry jam at first because I thought egg and jam in a sandwich sounds and tastes weird. But believe me, it’s the BEST among these three! The mixed goodness just pops in your mouth, cheesy eggy sweet goodness! But if you love loads and loads of protein with your eggs, the Bacon and Turkey breast slices are for you! You can use other variations of cheese too, shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese should taste good too. The melted ooweey goowwey cheese in your egg toast, hhmmm! Yum!!
I hope you enjoy constructing your own egg toast , Cheers!

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