Street Burger Making!! 🍔 SAUCY OMELET HAMBURGER! | Hat Yai, Thailand

Mark Wiens

CC Burger (ซีซีเบอเกอร์ – Welcome to Hat Yai in the province on Songkhla, southern Thailand! Along with a diversity of amazing food available, one of the places I wanted to check out is a food cart called CC Burger (ซีซีเบอเกอร์) that specializes in Thai Malay saucy omelet egg burgers! #Burger #streetfood #Thailand

Uncle CC is such a friendly and amazingly nice man. Along with his wife, they serve burgers from the back of a motorbike. But they are not just your ordinary burger. Uncle has so much style and and mixed so many ingredients, it’s impressive. What you want to order is the egg omelet wrapped burger. The part that impressed me the most is how Uncle CC splits the burger patty in half after cooking it, and squeezes in an insane amount of sweet tangy sauce before squeezing sauce all over the burger patty and all over the top of the burger.

It’s one of the sauciest, messiest, burgers you might ever eat! The taste is a little too sweet for me, I think because of the huge amount of sauce, but it was definitely fun to eat, and Uncle CC is one of the nicest guys you will meet. Him and his wife make the motorbike street food cart special.

Omelet Burger at CC Burger – 40 THB

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