10 German (Austrian) Meat Dishes


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Traditional German (Austrian) Meat Dishes – Authentic German Meat Dishes

In this video we will focus on popular German meat dishes. We created a video about German Fish Dishes as well as Vegetarian dishes so now is a time for typical german meat dishes. This video features famous German meat dishes like German Roast or Rouladen. if you would like to discover German main dishes that contain meat, so to say German food meat dishes go ahead and watch our video!

Food mentioned in the video:
⇛ Zwiebelrostbraten – Pan-fried Roast beef with rost sauce and fried onions
⇛ Sauerbraten – Sour Roast with apple red cabbage and potato dumplings
⇛ Tafelspitz – Cooked Beef or Veal Topside
⇛ Rouladen – Stuffed beef roll with onion, bacon and mustard
⇛ Kohlrouladen/Krautwickel – Stuffed Cabbage rolls filled with minced meat
⇛ Frikadellen/Fleischküche/Bulette/Bratklops/Fleischpflanzerl/Fleischlaberl, – Meatballs
⇛ Leber Berliner Art – Liver with roast sauce, apples & onions
⇛ Schnitzel with different sauces
⇛ Leberkäse – ‘liver cheese’ – grind meat baked in a bread pan

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