Russian Food Party!! SMOKED BEEF BORSCHT by Russia’s Best Chef!! | White Rabbit, Moscow, Russia!

Mark Wiens

Breakfast at Chef Vladimir’s house – To begin this amazing day of Russian food in Moscow, we were invited over to Chef Vladimir’s (head chef of White Rabbit Moscow) for breakfast. Some of the White Rabbit family were there, and they were cooking a full Russian feast for breakfast. Along with huge amounts of Russian black caviar and baked breads, the highlight for me was without a doubt the smoked beef borscht, by far the best borscht I’ve ever had in my life. No other borscht I had throughout Russia even came close to the flavor of this. It was an amazing Russian food breakfast and time to meet new friends.

Lunch at Gorynich Restaurant, Moscow, Russia – This was completely unplanned until right before going – Chef Vladimir said I should go to Gorynich Restaurant for lunch in order to taste their Russian rye bread, which they bake fresh there. Fantastic restaurant in Moscow, and the bread blew me away, best rye bread I’ve ever had in the world.

White Rabbit – Not only one of the best restaurants in Moscow and Russia, but one of the best restaurants in the world. White Rabbit has a unique theme – Alice in Wonderland – rabbits and fairytales, and with an amazing view of Moscow.

Here was the menu we tried:

Coconut and linden
Sunflower and smoked caviar
Scallop, carrot, raspberry
Russian pickle, sour cream and honey
Sea urchin, potatoes, tangerines
Green tomatoes, milk mushrooms
Cabbage, caviar, champagne
Black cod, kvass and artichoke
Quail, egg and corn
Salad with lettuce, avocado and onion
Beets, burnt hazelnuts
Birch bast, condensed milk
Russian berry
Russian caviar, powdered sugar

Chef Vladimir Mukhin – White Rabbit – The meal and entire experience was beyond epic, absolutely stunning. It was an education on Russian food, and truly flavors that blew me away with taste, and combination of ingredients. Presentation was beautiful, but the flavors and surprises are what really stood out.

An amazing Russian food meat at White Rabbit and I would highly recommend it as one of the world’s best restaurants.

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